Friday, September 24, 2010

Taking Stock : Chicken Soup and Flatbread Pizzas

     I’ve been looking forward to tonight’s dinner all week. Earlier in the week I created a chicken soup with the stock I prepared on roast chicken night. I Love the comfort a traditional classic chicken soup brings to the table.
2 quarts stock $0.00 
(part of the chicken from another meal)
3 carrots $1.00
1 leek      $1.00
3 ribs celery $.50
2 mushrooms diced fine (they were leftover in thee fridge and I used them well)
Onion $.45

Fresh and hot chicken soup
I add a bay leaf, sage, S&P
With our soup I making flat bread pizzas using the lavash I baked the other day.
I’m caramelizing some red onion $.50
2    Tomatoes   pan roasted (Large dice) $.75
1    Small handful kale & Chard from Our garden (sautéed)
      Fresh basil
½ cup    Shredded Cheddar cheese                                     $.75
I put the cooked toppings on the flat bread and melt the cheese under the oven broiler, then top with the fresh basil.
It’s a crispy and fun alternative to accompany a bowl of soup
Total $4.95
TIP OF THE DAY: Why not look at pizza in a new light. Instead of take out pizza why not create your own. There are so many variations that it will never be boring. Think of the possibilities, pita flatbread home made crusts to name a few. Making and topping pizzas can be fun for the whole family and choosing your own toppings assures you of using the best freshest quality ingredients.

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