Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Focaccia Veggie Pizza

     Focaccia is a wonderful thing. It can make a terrific sandwich, dipping bread or accompaniment for a classic Italian dinner. The recipe I have been using lately is from  king ArthurFlour  We love their flours and this recipe works very well. We have had the pleasure of visiting their main store in Vermont and it was a bakers paradise. If you are ever in the area I highly recommend a stop there to see the goodies.

     Tonight I'm using this recipe to create a Focaccia Veggie pizza. I love dishes you can prepare ahead of time and this one really fits the bill. This morning I added the bread ingredients to my kitchenaid bowl and mixed it, let it rise and baked it. In a different baking dish I also roasted part of my pizza toppings. This evening all I needed to do was assemble the pizza.
Ready for the rise
Artichokes $1.00
Red Onion $.60
Garlic bulb $.35
1/2  zucchini $35
pesto from my freezer

To prepare the pizza
I spread the sweet roasted garlic on the bread
spread the pesto on the pizza
topped with the roasted veg &
the artichokes & sun dried tomatoes $1.00
basil from the garden
shredded cheddar $.75
Ready to go in the oven
I then pop the pizza in the oven just long enough to get everything nice and hot
Couldn't be easier!
Total Under $5.00 for the entire meal 
Bubbly Deliciousness
TIP OF THE DAY: If you see a recipe you love use it many different ways. Put your signature on the dish and imagine the possibilities. Tonight I'm taking a great focaccia recipe to a new place and using ingredients I wouldn't generally be able to get at the local fast food pizza place. Ingredients like artichoke, red onion, cheddar & sun dried tomatoes let me make this dinner truly my own.

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