Monday, September 20, 2010

The ever popular Roast Chicken dinner with Matchstick potatoes and Green Beans

     Tonight we are having a simple but perfect roast chicken. There are not many meals that are this satisfying and also this easy to prepare. I had so many things I wanted to get done in the house today & I needed a meal that would be terrific but not be too time consuming.

Chicken $11.00
(One roast chicken will usually give us two meals and maybe a lunch as well)
(I always make a stock from the bones. It is easy and nothing tastes like homemade stock) (Stock freezes very well)
When the meal is done John pulls the meat off the bone and I begin the stock
Fried Potato Hash with red onion and hatch pepper $.70 
(I was not completely thrilled with the hash and I will dice next time)
Green Beans in butter & crispy leeks $.75

     I rub the chicken with a combo of butter and oil, thyme, sage, a hint of lemon zest, S&P (Sometimes I use lots of garlic & lemon but not this time)
I lift the skin from breast meat (without tearing it) and insert several pieces of thyme,
sage & a part of the butter mixture on each side. 
     I cut the potatoes into matchsticks and pan fry in a cast iron skillet with red onion and a Hatch chili pepper till done.
     Served with green beans & leek cooked al dente in butter salt and pepper  
Total$ 12.45
TIP OF THE DAY: I like to have a few menus that I know are extremely easy for days when I have more on my plate than dinner. If you put together several ideas that work for those extra busy days it wont be so tempting to grab a bag full of processed take out food. Leftover Roasted chicken can provide a second meal in minutes with no fuss at all. Lastly do not forget to make a wonderful stock from the chicken bones which can be a delicious soup for meal number three.


Jan said...

I have only one word for this recipe...drool! ;)

Vagablonde said...

My friend Eve sent me this comment and asked me to post it here.. Thanks Eve !
Saturday we happened to buy a roaster while grocery shopping.. BEFORE I saw your blog. After reading it I realized that you are right. It is easy. The 1 pot meal is cooking while I am writing to you and doing my homework. We should be eating by 7. I rough chopped some carrots, onions and potatoes and seasoned the chicken with a chicken blend spice . some garlic butter/oil and thyme, I had no lemons but I cut in a few tangerines and some white wine. The house smells great and we did not have to call the tacky take out. Carlos will wash the dishes and I can watch the season opener of THE BIGGEST LOSER!

Vagablonde said...

Thank You Jan and Eve. I appreciate it!