Monday, September 6, 2010

Gyros for Labor Day Lunch

     We have been invited to a friend’s house for dinner. So I’ve prepared what would have been our dinner as a special holiday lunch for John and I.

     Today seems like a great day to use the leftover lamb chops from Gigot chops a deux heures. I’m preparing an adaptation of a gyro.

I use a tortilla,pita or a slice of Flat out bread $.60    

I removed the meat from 2 lamb chops cut into strips $4.80

Topped with a very quick Tzatziki sauce
Made in a food processor

1/2 seeded cucumber $.50
3 garlic cloves    $.25
juice of ½ lemon $.35
½ cup yogurt   $.50
and feta cheese  $.75
Blend till smooth add S&P to taste

Top with some shredded spinach and diced tomato   $.50

Total $ 8.25 

TIP OF THE DAY: Make your leftovers luxurious. I’m always amazed at how many people toss away perfectly good food when the meal is done. I suggest turning those delicious treats that you have worked so hard on into something new and different. If you are making good use of your leftovers your grocery bill will be greatly reduced and you may find you are having fun playing with different flavor combinations. I used the lamb chops from one night with spinach and feta from my orzo salad creation to have a satisfying but light Labor Day lunch. 

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