Thursday, September 2, 2010

Whole Wheat Pizza with Prosciutto mozzarella balsamic onions mushrooms and peppers

  I planned on pizza for tonight’s dinner & since I had some free time earlier this week I decided to prepare the dough in advance. There are great baked crusts available in the grocery stores for about $5.oo or so but, John and I have a favorite crust recipe from our King Arthur Flour Multi-Grain cookbook. It lets us add basil, oregano and cayenne to the crust, which makes the flavor incredible. On zucchini pear soup night I used a tiny portion of this dough to make a bread stick, It was handy to have an extra bit of dough to share with another meal.
To begin, I roll out the dough   (buying a crust costs about $5.00-$7.00 and making it yourself is probably less than $1.00 so I make the dough and splurge on the prosciutto 

 Red onions, which I caramelize in a pan with oil then splash with a hit of balsamic vinegar right at the end.  $.59
Roasted Garlic 1-3 cloves but I usually add 3 because I just love garlic $.15
(I roasted it yesterday while I was cooking my meatloaf)
Peppers red/green   $.88 this time of year they are much cheaper and fresher.
(Waiting for the peppers in my garden to produce)
Mushrooms $.85 (Pkg was &1.70 and I’ll use half tonight)
Basil     $0.00 (provided by the garden)
Mozzarella $1.75    (I will use about 1/4 of a $6.99 pkg It was on sale)
 Prosciutto $3.00   ( the pkg I just bought was $5.99  I used about half)
Side of tomato artichoke salad $.75
TOTAL: $ 8.97 give or take a few cents

TIP OF THE DAY: If you are busy in the kitchen or if you find your self with a bit of free time, think about what you can accomplish to make your meal prep later in the week easy. Pizza dough takes about ten minutes to mix and the rest of the time the dough is rising. Dough also freezes well so make a batch big enough to divide and use it for more that one dinner  


Anonymous said...

If Debbi ever invites you over have her make this for you! It's filling, very flavorful and absolutely delicious. I know, because I got to eat the one shown!

Smart Cooking said...

Thanks Jim you are always welcome at out table.