Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stuffed Pork Chop Parsley Potatoes & Crispy Kale Chips

     I had one nice big unused pork chop in the refrigerator today.There were however two of having dinner tonight.   Although it was a big chop I had to get a bit creative to make it a suitable meal for the two of us. I decided to butterfly the chop and stuff it with a spinach, onion & feta filling. I think I found a good solution. I thought we could all revisit our choices when faced with a slightly smaller portion of meat than normal.

Pork Chop $1.75
Spinach $.89
½ onion $.35
1 Tbs Feta cheese $.40
Fennel (I ground a few seeds to add to the S&P)
Potatoes $.50

I saute the onion in olive oil till about tender
Add the spinach & season fennel S&P
Cool completely ( I prepared it this AM and kept it in the fridge)

I butterfly the boneless chop and pound it till slightly flattened
Place filling inside
Place cheese inside
Roll up the chop
Tie or toothpick to fasten

Sear in frying pan 1.5minutes on each side.
Finish in oven 15 minutes or till to temp 160 degrees.
It’s a large enough portion for two.
I’m serving it with red potatoes cooked till tender and tossed with butter and parsley
The Kale growing in our garden
And crispy oven baked kale chips (a favorite or ours from our garden)
Total $$3.89
TIP OF THE DAY: You might think one pork chop cant possibly work as a dinner for two people. The way I have prepared this one it certainly can. Don’t let perfectly good food sit in the fridge till you have to throw it away. Create a dinner that will showcase the amount you do have by supplementing it with unique and deliciously prepared ingredients.

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