Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Italian Wedding Soup: A Tribute to Those Amazing Italian Grandmas Everywhere

     Recently I made some meatballs and as I was rolling them for spaghetti decided to take part of the mixture roll several small meatballs and store them for tonight’s dinner.

     For quite some time I have wanted to make a version of Italian wedding soup and today was the day. I knew that meatballs would be an important part of the recipe and making them when I was already making meatballs for another dish would save me a great deal of time.

     Generally when I make soup I make a big pot and freeze some or use it for lunches. In this case I’m making enough for one meal because it works with the amount of small meatballs I had. If I had made a bigger batch of meatballs I might have made a larger quantity.

½    Onion $.35
½    Leek   $.50
1       Small Carrot $.25
1      Rib Celery $.10
2      Cloves Garlic $.25
3      Cups Stock $1.90 
        (I add a bit of water as well)
6     Meatballs $ o.oo 
1/4 Cup Whole Wheat Orzo $ 1.00
       (already accounted for in another meal)
Big handful of Kale from my garden (I just love my kale)
several sprigs Thyme
1 Bay leaf
1 tsp or so Italian seasonings 
S&P to taste
A few Parmesan curls on top   $.50
I’m serving this soup with fresh home made lavash (I might just melt some shredded cheddar on top)
Total $ 4.85 Give or take a few cents

TIP OF THE DAY: While making meatballs or even chicken try to think ahead about putting enough aside for a small soup or a little sandwich. A few ounces of chicken or meatballs may not look like much, but as part of a soup or a salad it can bring a great deal of protein and substance to the dish. 

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