Sunday, September 5, 2010

Greek Style Orzo Salad

We are going to a Labor Day party and I’m bringing a dish to share with friends. I wanted something that was full of flavor and would be able to feed a lot of people. 

     I remembered a dish my godmother Rosemarie shared with us on one of her visits. It was a big hit and we have prepared it often since. We love enjoying this salad as a summer dinner, When the weather is hot we want a dinner that is light and cooling but will fill us up and leave us feeling satisfied.

     This is an easy recipe to double for a group or divide for just us. It is flavorful and super easy. Adjust the potions of the ingredients to taste and based on what you have on hand.

I Prepared and cooled the orzo
Meanwhile I mashed the garlic (4 cloves) $.35 & some salt until it was like a paste
Added lemon juice 4Tbs and black pepper just under ½ tsp
Added the cooled orzo 13/4 $1.50
Added garbanzo beans 14oz  $1.00
Added Artichoke hearts 14oz $3.50
Added Feta cheese 6oz         $3.00
Added Spinach   1 cup              $.99
Added ¼ diced cucumber   $.25
Added a diced roma tomato or two $.50
S&P and dill to taste
Total $11.09 give or take a few cents
(reduce cost by half for 2 people)

  TIP OF THE DAY:  Be very careful when traveling with food (especially mayonnaise based potato and macaroni salads) or salads like the one I’m bringing containing cheese. Make sure you research the best and safest way to transport the food to the party. Keep it at the optimal temperature and keep everyone safe. 

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