Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gigot Chops a deux heures

There is a French dish called Gigot de Sept Heures (Seven Hour Lamb) that I have been excited to try. The idea is that once you season and brown the leg of lamb (or shoulder) you the put it in the oven at about 300 degrees for about six hours and it emerges tender delicious and falling off the bone.

I will save the proper preparation of this dish for a dinner party idea & play with the flavors in this scaled down adaptation for two which I will cook for about 1hour and forty five minutes till internal temp reaches 160 degrees.


I’ll use Lamb Chops ($12.50 for five we will use 3 or4 for tonight’s feast so $8.33   (I will used the leftovers for Greek style Gyros) 

Rub them with olive oil salt & pepper $.10

Brown them stove top in a small oven safe  Dutch oven

When brown add 2 cups water   $0.00

I cup white wine   $.3.00

4 whole garlic cloves  .35

I’ll add 2-3 sprigs rosemary

4-6 sprigs Thyme

1 bay leaf $.05

I’ll pop it in the oven and cook till tender

I’ll serve it with:

White cannellini beans 14 oz  $.85

To which I’ll add ¼ sautéed onion  $.29

And 1 clove garlic S&P $.05 

And a sprig rosemary and thyme

and lastly some of the strained reduced cooking jus

Total $13.02

This  feast should make us feel as if we are back in Provence.

      TIP OF THE DAY: If you have a yard, a front walk, a balcony or just a windowsill please grow herbs. Rosemary is quite hearty once it gets going and so is thyme. Basil is a delight all summer long and sage has an intoxicatingly wonderful aroma. Imagine being able to wander out to your garden to gather the necessary herbs needed to prepare your dinner. Whether grown in a container or in your yard, growing herbs will save you time & money. It is also something you can do as a family. Grow herbs and grow memories right along with them.


Jan said...

Looks and sounds lip smackin' good! ;)

Smart Cooking said...

Thanks Jan! :-) It turned out well. The lamb was very tender and practically fell off of the bone.