Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pecan Crusted Mahi with Glazed Carrots and Kale

     Tonight we dream of being near the ocean. In our daydreams we are at a beachside table barefoot in the sand as the waves lap the shore near the tables edge. The sky has turned the beautiful sapphire color that happens shortly after sunset. There are hundreds of little candles everywhere mirroring the carpet of stars that are beginning to shine in the vast expanse of sky.

     What could fit this fantasy more perfectly than my pecan crusted Mahi Mahi.
It is Ridiculously simple to make with a  rich indulgent feeling

I simply prepare a dredge of flour
An egg wash
And a pecan crumb/ bread crumb mixture (with old bay, salt and cayenne)
(I used finely ground pecans) 

I’ll pan fry the fish in butter and a bit of olive oil
Till golden and crisp and fully cooked

Served with matchstick carrots brazed and glazed in orange juice
(with a touch of cayenne)

Also served with kale (from our garden) sautéed with onion a clove of diced garlic 

Total Under $9.00 for the entire meal

Tip of the Day: Your thoughts about preparing a meal can greatly influence your enjoyment of it. Our fried fish dinner tonight is more than just a plate of food it is a vision and a state of mind that makes the dinner an occasion to enjoy and a delight to prepare. Even simple everyday meals can be special when we treat them with care.

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