Friday, October 1, 2010

Spinach Mushroom and Swiss Cheese Crepes

     I love a meal that is incredibly simple yet feels extra special. The idea of crepes for dinner transports me back to France and I can’t help but smile at the memories conjured up as I prepare the crepe batter.There are crepe stands all over France. It's wonderful to watch the chefs prepare large paper thin crepes using nothing but a small tool that looks like a wooden dowel. The flavors and the aromas are a highlight not to be missed when in France.  
Crepe Stand in Aix En Provence
Basic Batter
2 eggs $.50
½ cup water 
¾ cup milk and .$50
1 cup of flour $.20
The crepe is just about done

My Filling
Defrosted drained dried frozen spinach
1 cup of mushrooms
(washed and sliced)
Swiss cheese $2.00
The filling is bubbling hot

I prepare the crepe batter early in the afternoon and let it sit in the fridge till I need it
I saute the
¼ Onion finely diced $.35
Spinach $.88
Mushrooms $.75
With a bit of olive oil
When tender I added a little half and half
a few drops of cooking sherry
A touch of nutmeg
S&P and a hint of tarragon

I make one crepe at a time
Make them thin
Expect the first crepe to be a test

When the crepes are all done
I put then one at a time in the fry pan add the filling and the Swiss
Fold in one third
And then fold over the other third
Serve hot..

Total under $5.00 for this meal

TIP OF THE DAY: Whip up a crepe batter and practice making them.
Once you have mastered the crepe you can fill it with almost anything. What a great way to dress up leftovers. I’m using the leftover batter to make citron dessert crepes with sugar lemon zest and a big squeeze of lemon to finish it off. Now that’s versatility! 


Jan said...

You are one great chef, Debra! Will garden for food! LOL!

Vagablonde said...

Thank you Jan you are very kind. I will definitely cook for gardening magic.. I must send you a photo of my front flower beds. Sad..but great potential ( extremely untapped)