Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ahi with mango salsa and a pretty puree

     Why is it that whenever ahi is on our menu I have the urge to put on my most colorful clothes and crank up Jimmy Buffett tunes on the stereo. When I think of ahi I always think of the beach. As I prepare this meal I’m thinking about fun times spent in Key West enjoying the freshest fish and   pretty drinks amid an atmosphere of fun and relaxation. Today I take my Ahi to Key West and dress it up in the colors and the flavors of the conch republic.

I marinated a beautiful piece of ahi in a puree of
mango,orange juice, ginger,and apricot preserves
and then cooked it on a grillpan
Putting the marinade on the ahi
 Mango lime Salsa
¼ jalapeño
¼ small red onion
¼ red pepper
¼ lime
¼ mango
2 tbs leftover peach
¼ tsp lime zest
a hint of mint
Dash of grape seed oil

Served with
A puree of
½ head cauliflower
½ sweet potato
2 carrots
a pat of Butter or two 
2 tbs milk
Salt & pepper
  • Be advised you will want to quadruple this puree recipe grab an spoon put your PJ’s on curl up in front of the TV and growl at all who come near for a bite.
Total  under $9.00 for this meal

TIP OF THE DAY: When thinking about menus think about color. Bright pretty colors can make meals fun. A colorful plate is also said to be full of healthy ingredients. It might be a perfect way to introduce kids to love veggies.


marlene said...

This looks so good.
Thanks for your wonderful blog.

Marlene @ Dr. Bob's office

Vagablonde said...

Thanks Marlene I'm so glad you like it.