Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Roast Chicken with Squash Gratin

     When fall arrives I think of New England, cider doughnuts, long warm shawls, cozy fireplaces and home style meals. 

     I prepared a beautiful roast chicken for  tonight’s dinner, I wish you could have smell it. There is something so comforting about the smell of roast chicken filling the kitchen on a fall day. It makes me want to fill the house with friends and family and count my blessings.

To prepare the chicken I filled the cavity with rosemary onion & lemon. I rub the bird with a combination of butter, olive oil, mashed garlic, salt, pepper and thyme. $ 13.00 for the above.
(The above will also provide tomorrow’s lunch and perhaps a sandwich or two as well plenty of soup stock)
getting the squash ready
I’m serving the chicken with a simple squash gratin.
I sautéed 1/2 onion till soft but not brown
And Placed it in the bottom of a small baking dish.

I added a Sliced (thin) a yellow squash 
(tossed with olive oil)
And a ripe tomato
Layered them in the baking dish
On top of the onion
making it pretty
I added ¼ cup milk
Sprinkle salt, Sunny Paris seasoning and thyme.

(Sunny Paris is according to the Spice House website…   freeze-dried shallots, ground Mysore green peppercorns, dill weed, freeze-dried scallions, French basil, French tarragon, French chervil, finely minced parsley flakes.)

I am sure the above will work beautifully.

I topped the dish with 
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese and 
fresh breadcrumbs.
(Made from ½ slice of Johns Struan Bread)
the gratin is done
I placed it in a 350-degree oven covered for 25 minutes.
Then I uncovered it and cooked till browned 5 minutes
$2.50 for the gratin

Total $ 7.00 for the meal

Tip of the day: Pull out that baking dish. There is a reason casseroles were so popular in their day. They are one of the original one-dish wonders. A gratin is perfect way to serve up a unique vegetable dish for guests. It is also a wonderful side to bring to a pot luck supper or as an accompaniment to a romantic dinner for two. Check out your old family cookbooks and see if you can update any of the old favorites.




Jan said...

Debra, you are an amazing chef! I love how you make the recipes so simple to follow and so delicious to eat! You are now my one-stop-shop for all my recipes! Keep them coming!


Vagablonde said...

Thank you Jan I'm so glad you enjoy it. I appreciate your support very much

joey said...

Totally agree ... this looks amazing! Now, where is my cyber fork!