Thursday, October 14, 2010

Carrot Curry Soup

      I have a huge five-pound bag of organic carrots in the refrigerator and when I look at them I think about making a big pot of carrot soup. What a wonderful use for the homemade stock I have on hand. I love a smooth creamy carrot soup filled with all kinds of interesting flavors. One of my favorites is the exotic and warming curry variety. I suppose the biggest addition that sets this soup apart for me and makes it special is the use of orange juice. I think it gives a great flavor whether I use fresh or concentrate I always have a good result.

4 cups    homemade chicken broth 
(veg stock or boxed organic is fine too)
1/3             onion $.35
2 strips      red pepper optional
2-2.5 Lbs  carrots $2.00
1   Tbs       curry powder
¼ Tsp      turmeric
1    Rib      celery $.10
2   Tbs      orange juice Concentrate $.75
                  Salt and Pepper
Cooking the carrots
I cook the onion celery & pepper in olive oil till translucent (not brown)
Then add the carrots and the stock
when carrots are tender
I blend with an immersion blender till smooth
I add the spices to taste
Add the orange Juice and mix in
If it is a bit thick I add water a bit at a time as I blend till I get the consistency I want
Taste and adjust spices if needed
I added some half and half to the soup before serving. (sometimes I leave it out)

I'm serving this with pickled cucumbers, Johns Cranberry orange country loaf 
and a a baby greens,  grape and walnut salad with grapefruit, lime, mint and an apple cider vinaigrette I've been playing around with.
Total under $6.00 even if you buy the stock

TIP OF THE DAY: Reserve a little of this or that to freeze as an accent for another meal. When I slow cooked the onion and red pepper to serve with our Usingers Brats I took a few pieces of red pepper and held them aside (about one tablespoonful). I thought it would add a nice accent to my carrot soup. If you have a few slices of this or that frozen it may not be enough for a side dish on its own but it can add a layer of flavor when used in a different recipe.

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