Monday, October 18, 2010

Road Food Edition: Kale Chips

   One of the great joys of any road trip is road food. That said, one of the great drawbacks of being on the road is road food. In our travels we have delighted in the discovery of unique and wonderful places to eat, and have on many occasions loaded our trunk with exotic and unconventional food products from all over the country. We have also found ourselves in many parts of the country where dining at a fast food would have been a delight compared to the available choices. We love to try new places when it is our idea and not because we are desperate. I like to prepare a variety of road food to bring with us on trips. These snacks give us energy while on the road and can, in a pinch double as a meal,  As we make our way across the country I will share any great discoveries we come across as well as some of my favorite portable treats.

    One of my newest taste treat discoveries this year has been the kale chip. I planted kale this year and I’ve fallen in love with it. I cook it in much the same way I cook spinach. I love it in soups and as a flavorful side dish. For road trips I bake it till crispy and try not to eat it all before I leave the house.

I picked fresh kale leaves from the garden cleaned them and dried them
I lay them out on a sheet pan and spray them with a light mist of olive oil.
I sprinkle them with salt and pepper Sometimes I add chili pepper or paprika as well
I bake them in a 350 degree oven for about seven minutes and watch them carefully.

TIP OF THE DAY: These chips are a wonderful item to bring over to a friends house for a party. They are a great alternative to chips as you watch television. They are a staple   in our road trip goodie bag for cross country munching.

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Corner Gardener Sue said...

I came here from a FB link put up by Gail. My kale seems to have put on some new growth after having been munched on by cabbage loopers. I may have enough to make some chips like these. Thanks for posting this!