Saturday, October 9, 2010

George’s Gorgeous Grouper

     It was a glorious fall morning at our local farmers market. We strolled past the cheerful stalls, and sipped our coffee as we watched families (and their puppies) pour over the pumpkin wagon in an effort to find the perfect Halloween prize. Vendors greeted passersby exchanging small talk and samples of their products as I snapped photos and admired the produce.

     After a detailed inspection of the entire market I decided on some fresh fat green beans and a selection of fish from my favorite fishmonger. I’ve learned through trial and error not to go overboard with my purchases. Food I have to throw away is a waste of resources and money so I’ve become better at buying just what I feel I will use.
 Tonight we are having George’s Gorgeous Grouper
                                        (George is our fishmonger)

 To coat the fish:
I mix
¼ cup Grated Parmesan $1.00
¼ cup Breadcrumbs $.50
½ tsp Old bay
1/8 cup ground pecans $.50
½ tsp Lemon thyme fresh from the garden
Cayenne pinch or two to taste (we like a bit more)
Set aside
coating mixture
 I brush the grouper $5.00
with a thin coat of mayonnaise 
(yes, Mayo~but not too much)
Then roll in the crumb mixture

Pan fry in butter and olive oil til done
10 minutes or so
I served the meal with some very strange looking carrots from the garden funny looking but very good
funny looking carrots from the garden
I’ll trim and cook green beans till al dente $1.00
Butter salt & pepper
The leftover salsa and vegetable puree came in handy as a garnish tonight
Total under $ 8.00  

TIP OF THE DAY: I found some terrific looking grouper at the fishmongers wagon today. I really like grouper and I don’t see it too often at our local grocery store so I bought two. When you see a really good price on a hard to find product buy an extra portion to freeze. Having an extra portion or two of  a unique item  is a wonderful way to keep variety in our menus.     

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