Friday, October 29, 2010

Banana Bread and a paradigm shift

    I'm thinking of Banana bread today and sharing a post I wrote a while back.This might be a nice fall breakfast treat to prepare this weekend.

     I'm very picky about my banana consumption. In order for me to enjoy a banana it must have just past it's green stage, become fully yellow and firm but not yet have acquired a strong banana smell.

     For as long as I can remember I have never eaten banana bread or for that matter any banana flavored food of any kind. Fostering this mindset can very often leave me with quite a bit of uneaten wasted fruit, which has motivated me to take banana action.

     In recent years I have on a few occasions unwittingly tried some banana bread and found it surprisingly tasty.I began to explore and experiment with many recipes and have liked most of them.This morning I discovered a bunch of bananas on our bakers rack, in need of an alternate plan.

     I baked a classic blueberry banana bread. Simple to prepare, wonderful to smell and delicious to taste. I like to substitute half of the butter in the recipe with applesauce and part of the white flour with whole wheat flour.I have been pleased with the results.

     This raises the questions; what concepts in my life have I dismissed out of hand and what concepts should I open up my mind and heart to reevaluate? I thought it might be an  interesting concept to share. What other ideas and beliefs can we reexamine in our lives that no longer serve our best interests.

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kathy said...

I LOVE banana bread & banana pancakes! Recently I learned there are a lot of diff varieties of bananas in the Islands of the South Pacific that are actually healthier than ours.. wonder how they taste.