Friday, October 15, 2010

Simple Abundance: Flatbread Pizza

   Putting the finishing touches on everything before we take off leaves me with little to choose from for tonight's dinner...or does it? While making the lavash for our road snacks I decided to roll out a bit of dough for an impromptu pizza.  That coupled with the leftover soup should be a nice meal to enjoy as we pack the car and go over the to do lists one final time. I've also been busy going over which food items can be put in the freezer until our return. 
Gifts from the garden
Green pepper from our garden
Some fresh pesto

hmmm this is shaping up nicely...

leftover mozzarella
fresh oregano and basil
a few red pepper flakes
Total under $5.00 for this meal of simple abundance

 TIP OF THE DAY: When you think you have nothing on hand to fix for for dinner, think again. Look through the fridge, pantry and cupboards and embrace just how much you do have. We are in the habit of saying we have nothing to wear, nothing to make for dinner and nothing to watch on television and it may be time to rethink those notions. Today I prepared this pizza with what I had on hand. Gifts from the garden and a little creativity was all it took to make this simple crust of flour and water into my meal of simple abundance..


Jan said...

You are amazing! I love pizza and yours looks DELICIOUS! Safe travels, Debra! Love, Jan

Vagablonde said...

Jan, Thanks so much. I so appreciate your friendship and support