Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jamacian Jerk Sandwiches on Fresh Struan Bread

     What a weekend it has been. I’ve spent most of the day packing and organizing boxes. As I puzzled over what I would prepare for dinner tonight the proverbial light bulb was illuminated atop my head.

       Yesterday John baked two loaves of a family favorite of ours, delicious Struan bread. This bread recipe was featured in the brother Juniper bread book.  Brother Juniper was the baker for St Francis of Assisi and although a simple man he cared deeply about preparing nourishing meals for the brothers. Struan is a heavenly mixture of bread flour, polenta, brown rice, oats, brown sugar, honey, wheat bran buttermilk and water, a representation of all the grains harvested for the year. It is mentioned to be a bread of remembrance in Scotland to honor those absent from the table  I urge everyone to find the recipe and give it a try. I am certain you will fall in love with it as I did.

    I have also been in the process of emptying the refrigerator and using up all of the food in it prior to our departure. The combination of the fresh Struan bread and the pork chops I had thawed seemed to be a perfect pairing.  The perfect dinner for a busy Saturday turned out to be  Jamaican Jerk spiced pork chop sandwiches.

Pan fried Pork chops $2.50
(Seasoned with Jerk seasoning we get from    The Spice Milwaukee WI.
In a bit of olive Oil
Bread (Fresh baked for pennies a slice)

Mushrooms $1.00 Sautéed in: 
Butter $ .25
I like to add a splash of cooking Sherry to finish it off

I added a few kale chips with the kale from my garden and we had a wonderful dinner for under $4.00
TIP OF THE DAY: Every once in a while go through the fridge and the freezer and make a menu using what you have accumulated before it gets too old.  We will be out of town so I am trying to use what we have on hand before leaving. Taking stock of what you have in the freezer and in the recesses of the fridge is a good thing to do on a regular basis. Dig deep and create a feast.

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