Monday, December 6, 2010

Sweet and Savory Festive Pumpkin Soup

    I’m really getting into the holiday frame of mind even though this will be a different kind of Christmas for us. We are in an unfamiliar area and away from our full time home but, we are together and that is all that really matters.

      Seeing all the decorations and hearing the familiar carols takes me back in time and I remember family, friends and the good times shared with them. This is the first year we may not be able to get back to Cincinnati to spend the holiday with John’s family and we will miss being with them and enjoying an old fashioned Ohio Christmas. Being here in California will cause us to reinvent the celebration, keeping our traditions while exploring the exciting possibilities involved in a California Christmas. 

     It is good to be back in Los Angeles after a great weekend trip to Las Vegas. We enjoyed two days of fun and visiting with friends but, now its time to settle in and gear up for the season.Today feels like a cozy stay at home day and I found myself craving pumpkin soup.

¾ large onion $.50
2 cloves garlic
large pinch red pepper flakes
½ tsp cumin
¾ tsp sweet curry powder
15 oz organic pumpkin $1.99
2 cups organic chicken stock $1.25
½ large carrot roasted $.20
½ sweet potato roasted (boiled is OK for these also) $.20
¼ cup brown sugar $.25
2/3 cups 1% milk (use whichever milk you have on hand) $.35

In your stock pot cook down onions (don’t brown)
Add garlic cook a minute or so (don’t brown)
Add your spices
Add the remaining vegetables
Add organic chicken stock (home made if possible)
Process in a food processor or (off heat) use an immersion blender till smooth
2/3 tsp salt
2/3 cups milk
An oz. or two of half and half
stir,sample and adjust spices to your taste
I’m serving this topped with delicious roasted pumpkin seeds
We purchased at the farmers market $.75
Total $5.14

Delicious Pumpkin Curry Soup

TIP OF THE DAY: When strolling through the farmers market you may find a tasty treat like roasted pumpkin seeds. If they are especially special design a dish around the ingredient. It will be fun to explore your options.


Native Gardener said...

Sounds delicious.. hOw many servings?

Vagablonde said...

about 2 full sized servings and two cup sized servings to go with lunch