Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Accidental Appetizer : Sausage Rolls With A Kick

They looked and smelled wonderful
While chatting with the butcher as to whether we think the rain will hurt the Rose Parade he mentioned that the sausages were on sale and the California Caliente variety was the most popular flavor. It contains jalapeƱos, green, red and yellow peppers, cilantro and all sorts of good ingredients. I knew this was something I could use and my mind began turning over a few ideas.

I’d planned a rice dish but when I looked at my brown rice it had passed it’s prime and not wanting to go out in the rain again I brainstormed a plan. 
It's a great idea to always keep some dough in the freezer
2 Large sausages $2.00
1 oz cheddar cheese $.50
fist sized ball of home made dough (pennies)

I always keep extra dough in the freezer and  took I took some out to thaw knowing it would be ready to use by the time I needed it.  
Break the sausage up to medium sized pieces and pan-fry.

Run the thawed dough through the pasta roller and cut it into large rectangles
Ready to Roll!
place  some cheese and some sausage in each dough rectangle
And rolled it
I topped these with black sesame seeds
place them on a cookie sheet and brush the top with a bit of water or egg wash
Sprinkle black sesame seed on top
Bake till browned and heated through
 Total under $3.00
This dish has tremendous appetizer potential
TIP OF THE DAY: This would be a wonderful holiday appetizer.
Had I known I’d be rolling them (not serving with rice)
I’d have broken the sausage into small bits. If your plans need to change, embrace it as an opportunity.

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Love the idea, fresh taste combination going to give this a try : )