Thursday, December 9, 2010

Celeriac Soup : A lesson in inner beauty

The beauty lies within
      We often speak of the beauty that lies within being more important than outward appearance. This is most certainly true of the celery root or celeriac. The rough knobby exterior hides a pure white root that when cooked into soup and pureed becomes a velvety smooth rich treat. Lots of folks would simply pass the celeriac root while cruising through the produce department. It looks like it would be difficult to peel and that it would be impossible to cook but, it is easier to use than one would think. This holiday lets revisit our definition of beauty and open ourselves up to some delicious surprises.
Adding the cubed celeriac
Celery root $2.99
1 med-lg onion $.59
2 cloves garlic $.25
1 small red potato $.30
1 stalk celery $.05
3 cups chicken (or vegetable) stock $ 2.00
1 cup milk $.65
Black pepper
hint of thyme
drizzle of Real Maple syrup
Always puree your soups off the flame and off the heat

I sauté the onion till soft
Add garlic & cook for a minute or two
Add the chopped celery stalk
Add the peeled cubed celery root
Add the peeled cubed potato
Cook for a minute or two
Add 3 cups stock
Cook 30 or so minutes or till root is soft
Puree off heat with immersion blender or
Food processor
Taste and season
Add milk 
When serving drizzle a touch of maple syrup on top 
(Oh Yeah!) 
Total under $7.00
Smooth Satisfying Celeriac Soup

Tip Of The Day
Just because something in the grocery store looks unattractive or strange to you don’t just dismiss it. Do a bit of research find a recipe and see if you can work it in to your menu plan. It may become a family favorite.


Native Gardener said...

Looks delicious! How many servings?

Vagablonde said...

We had to big bowlfuls and it looks as if we'll have two more leftover. I made 4 but it would be easy to double it. Boy oh boy was it tasty.