Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lobster Macaroni and Cheese for a Winter evening

   As we prepare for the holidays most of the country is blanketed in snow. We attend all the parties, run all the Christmas errands and rush to all the recitals, pageants and services that make the season extra special. At the end of those busy frosty days we crave the warm comfort of some time at home in front of the fireplace wearing big fluffy slippers and watching our favorite holiday movie on television.

     I don’t know a better meal for a winter evening than a dish of soul satisfying Macaroni and cheese, it’s creamy rich goodness feels like a celebration. I’ve used whole-wheat pasta and 1% milk for this dish. I know these choices don’t make it particularly low calorie but it is a nice change from the classic version. I’m dressing up the dish with the addition of lobster. I didn’t need much so I just bought a tail.

     Another version of this dish was served at our wedding as an appetizer. It was the most talked about dish of the day and it always brings back happy memories for me.
The cheese can be grated in advance
1/2-3/4 lb of whole-wheat pasta cooked 1.50 (regular is fine too)

3 tbs butter $.50
3 tbs flour
1-cup milk $.75
4 oz white cheddar cheese grated 1.50
5 oz grated fontina grated $1.50
1 small lobster tail cooked removed from shell and cut in ½ inch pieces $3.99

Slice of whole wheat bread made into breadcrumbs
1 tbs butter
I prepared the pasta in salted water

In another saucepan I melted the butter and added the flour
To create a roux which I cooked a minute or two to
Remove the raw flour taste.
beginning to make the roux
I added the milk and cooked it till thickened
It was a bit too thick so I added a bit more milk
Use your eye.

I took the saucepan off of the heat and added the
Cheeses and salt pepper and nutmeg (taste to see that it just as you like it)

I added the pasta
Stir well to get the sauce in the nooks and crannies
Placed the mixture in a baking dish & set aside
Making the fresh whole wheat breadcrumbs  
I put the bread in the food processor and made bread crumbs
Added 1 tbs melted butter
Took the breadcrumbs and topped the macaroni in the baking dish

Cook in a 350 degree oven
For 25- 30 minutes till browned
Total under $ 10.00
Ready to pop into the oven
TIP OF THE DAY: Just because a food item is typically costly don’t rule it out. There is no need to buy and entire lobster when just a tail will do. Wait till you see them on sale and make the dish that week.

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Jan Bills said...

I love Mac & Cheese! Your recipe sounds delicious! Glad to see you are back in the kitchen! *Hugs*