Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pear zucchini soup

Years ago I stumbled upon a travel show that featured a visit to a restaurant serving zucchini pear soup. I love making soup and I try to incorporate it into our meal plan every week, more often during winter months. I wondered how this soup would taste and I was curious enough to look for a recipe on line. There is a good recipe on the food network website courtesy of the corn exchange so I adapted it for John and I. We have enjoyed this recipe countless times and it has become one of our favorites. I have done many adaptations of it and they are all great. I’m feeling in the mood for a light dinner tonight so I think this zucchini pear soup will be wonderful. I plan to serve it with slices of the bread I baked the other day spread with avocado and sliced tomatoes 

I begin with a Mirepoix of onion carrot and celery

Olive oil and or butter for the pan  $.25
¾ Onion                       $.59
Carrots 2-3                  $.50
Celery 2-3 ribs            $.40

I cook it till tender and slightly browned
I then add
2-3 diced zucchini        $.88
1-2 diced pears peeled $.88
I generally make this dish when pears are in season 
I add a couple of sage leaves from my garden or dried is fine as well  (about ½ TBS to taste)
Sometimes I add a touch of little thyme

After they are almost tender I add about
3 cups water             $0.00
Salt to taste $.05
Cook for about 20 minutes
When everything is tender I blender with my immersion blender or my food processor till smooth
Sometimes just before I serve it I add a couple of tablespoons of ½ and ½ or milk, which makes it creamy and rich but I’ve left it without milk as well.
2 Tablespoons milk or ½ &1/2   $.25

 Bread (4 slices) $.75 if you buy good crusty artisan bread
One tomato  $.40
One small. Avocado & $.79

Total $5.74 give or take a few cents and as a bonus I’ll have leftover soup for John’s lunch.

TIP OF THE DAY: If you see an interesting recipe write down the info so you can give it a try. We have all forgotten things we swore we’d never forget. You can usually find some adaptation of the main ingredients in a book or on the Internet and you can reinvent ingredients it to fit you families’ taste and budget.

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