Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Green Chili Stew

August 25th 2010 Tonight's Dinner
Green Chili stew for two (plus enough leftover for Johns lunch tomorrow)
I cook like my grandmother did, I adjust according to what feels and smells correct for me. I add spices liberally for this dish I used the green chili powder we brought home from New Mexico,salt and a bit of ground pepper.I have not accounted for spice costs because the go a very long way. Invest in good spices and they will serve you well.

Add a bit of oil in the dutch oven to coat the bottom~ 2 Tbs approx $.25
Add diced celery onion carrot  and green hatch chilies 1/2 cup each $1.25
when cooked till tender removed it and put a touch more oil in the dutch oven
Add  4 thin cut pork chops which I had cut into chunks and dusted with flour $2.35
(I sometimes use chicken as well~ the protein varies based on what I decide look well at the market)
when  browned I add a few cloves of chopped garlic $.30 then
Add  the veg back in
Add organic box broth 2 cups $1.25 (normally I'd use home made but I had not thawed)
Add 1 small red potato that I finely dice to cut down on the carbs but get the taste of the potato $.25
Add a handful of green beans trimmed and cut into thirds $.14
Add a diced tomato or two or three $.80 
 Total for the stew $6.59
The prices are approximate but pretty close and we will get three servings.It is also easily doubled and freezes very well. A great dish to make and use all week.
Please share your ideas for recipes that are healthy and reasonable to fix and I will try them here and share the information.

TIP OF THE DAY: Using spices liberally make it easier to cut down on salt intake. Experiment with new spices and give your families favorite dishes a new twist


Susan said...

This stew looks delicious. Looking forward to following your blog.

Smart Cooking said...

Thank you Susan.I have posted my dinner menus and our meals on facebook nightly for quite some time and I think this vehicle will be even more user friendly.It is is a natural extension of my love of cooking and of writing. I as always appreciate your friendship and support

Jan said...

Sounds yummy, Debra! Good luck with the new blog!

Smart Cooking said...

Thank you Jan I really appreciate the support. I hope you enjoy