Saturday, August 28, 2010

Chicken Fajitas

My favorite part of any Saturday is spending time with my husband; so, unless we are cooking or baking together I like dinner to be fast and easy.

I don’t always use chicken breasts for fajitas. I sometimes like the flavor of a thigh or drumstick. Tonight I have an entire medium sized leg, which I will roast, and when cool I’ll pull the meat off. Sometimes I do this the day before while the oven is still on from the preparation of a previous meal. That saves me time and saves our energy costs too. I will simply add the shredded chicken to sautéed red and green peppers onions and some garlic. There are times, like tonight I will add black beans to the mix.  I’ll be using tortillas made fresh at the store near my house.( I’ve made tortillas from scratch once before and it really isn’t hard to do) I love to spice this dish up with Chile powder from New Mexico

Chicken Leg $2.50
Red Pepper $. 88 (I know they can be much higher but these were on sale and they freeze well so buy extra and freeze them or grow some of your own)
Green Pepper $.35
Onion $ .59
Black Beans $.89
Garlic cloves $ 30
Tortillas $ .85 ($2.49 per 12 pack and we may have two each)
Total $6.36 give or take a few cents

TIP OF THE DAY: When I’m choosing vegetables for any meal I look for what is currently in season in my area. It will be fresh, abundant and most likely more reasonable than out of season choices that have to be trucked in from far away


Bren said...

This is one of my favorite recipes this time of year with all the fresh peppers that are being harvest in the garden.

Wonderful blog - Happy Gardening to you!

Smart Cooking said...

Thanks Bren yes I love the variety of peppers this time of year. Right now the hatch peppers are everywhere too and I just love them! Happy Gardening!