Thursday, August 26, 2010

Orange Soy Marinated Ahi

I often grocery shop more than once a week. I like to do the bulk of my shopping on Wednesdays and then supplement our grocery needs with a trip to the farmers market on summer weekends or to a unique food shop if get the chance.I usually don't make a final decision on the protein I will choose until I see what's available and how it looks in the case.

Yesterday I noticed some beautiful wild caught Ahi on sale for $8.99 a pound. I bought a little over half a pound. Each portion is less than 3 oz. I chose a small portion to illustrate that if something you enjoy is more costly per pound buy a smaller amount of it, enjoy the taste and supplement the meal in other ways.
I marinated the ahi in about ¼ cup of OJ, some grated fresh ginger and a dash of soy with a touch of ground Szechuan pepper mixed in. (careful they are hot) You may have cayenne or red pepper flakes and that’s OK too.

 Wild caught Ahi $4.50 
OJ soy ginger marinade $.60

Cauliflower cooked & whipped to looked like
Mashed potatoes. I add butter a touch of milk and S&P & whip till smooth  $1.45 

Carrots glazed w/OJ (I cooked about 10oz for John and I)
I put carrots in a pan with water & OJ water will boil away and the OJ makes a nice glaze (I sometimes add a touch of cayenne its great) $.80

Diced roma tomato with finely diced red onion (1/4 of small one) & basil topped w/ a touch of S&P and a dribble of oil and very nice balsamic vinegar $.75
Total roughly  $8.10 give or take a few cents 

TIP OF THE DAY: I like to keep a canister of frozen orange juice concentrate in the fridge. I buy it on sale and scoop out the amount I need for cooking or marinating ~I also freeze hands of ginger for use as needed with almost no waste.

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