Monday, January 3, 2011

Flat Bread Pizza For A Rainy Day

Ready to go in the oven

     A rainy day is a perfect time to catch up on all the things around the house that tend to get neglected during the holiday rush. In addition to all my usual household chores, I spent the day putting away the Christmas decorations and rearranging the closet. 

     We are always told to save for a rainy day and it occurred to me that expression could easily apply to menu planning as well as finance. I knew I’d have my hands full today so yesterday afternoon I roasted a sheet pan of plum tomatoes, a small onion and a head of garlic in anticipation of the flatbread pizza dinner we are having tonight. The beauty of this dish is, that it is comprised of elements that I had put away for a rainy day.
The only thing I cooked this evening was the fresh kale with a bit of garlic
     I prepared a batch of whole-wheat lavash last week that I used for making flat breads. When I bake I always try to freeze a couple of portions of the dough for later use.

     I had also prepared a lasagna for Christmas eve and I put a container of the meat sauce in the freezer for a meal to enjoy this week.

5-6 plum tomatoes $1.30
1 small onion $.45
1 head garlic $.25
¾ bunch kale $.50
I chop the roasted tomatoes with the roasted garlic cloves before I add it to the pizza

removed from the freezer this morning
Roll out the dough and bake it for 10-12 minutes

Leftover spaghetti sauce
Heat the sauce and lightly coat the flatbread 

Top with pieces of chopped roasted tomato onion and garlic
Top with some chopped marinated artichoke hearts
Top with grated cheese
Pop back in the oven till hot and melty
Total under $3.00
Flatbread Pizza For A Rainy Day
TIP OF THE DAY: As you prepare your meals try to take a small portion of this or that and freeze it for another day. Use it for a lunch or an add in for a pasta. I used mine for flat bread pizza for a rainy day.

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