Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lady And The Tramp Revisited

We depend on chickens for so many meals ~lets treat them properly with respect and raise them cleanly
I love the scene in Lady and the tramp where the pups share a string of spaghetti and a romantic moment. For me tonight’s dinner falls into that category as well. John and I will share a petite portion of pot pie. This is a rich dish so the servings will be more than enough to satisfy us as we share a romantic pot pie moment.
A couple of weeks ago I made a basic Pate brise dough and found I had a bit leftover. I didn’t have enough for a pie pan or a casserole dish but I did have enough for a small 5x5 circular pan. I decided it was the perfect size for a chicken pot pie built for two.
Nice to have this meal ready for a busy day
The pate brise recipe is a basic standard
 2 1/2 cups AP flour
¼  tsp salt
 1 tbs sugar
2 sticks unsalted butter chilled and cut into small pieces
I put it all in the food processor and slowly add
ice water till it all forms a ball

Note: this recipe will make more than you need for this dish
Remember the leftovers are what I used for this potpie.
I’d cut it in ½ for this dish or use half and freeze half.
(Or you could make cinnamon buns for breakfast the next morning)
Store bought pie shells will work as well use what you have on hand.

For the filling sauté
½ onion
2 ribs celery (chopped)
3 small chopped carrots
1 small potato cut in small pieces
 in butter and oil (about 2 Tbs total)
When softened 6-7 minutes I sprinkle with flour (about 1 Tbs)
Which makes it like a little roux keep cooking it  (1 minute more or so)
add  approx ½ cup 1% milk 
and ½ cup chicken stock
heat till it thickens adjust thickness to your liking by adding stock
½ cup thawed frozen peas
3/4 cup leftover chicken I had on hand
S&P to taste
poultry seasoning or sage to taste
Classic ingredients are so versatile ~ keep these on hand 
I add the mixture to the crust
I top with more crust
I cut air vents on top
I cook for 45 minutes-1 hour at 375 degrees
till the crust is browned and the potpie is bubbly 
Total under $5.00 for this treat for two
A whole bowl of Happy
TIP OF THE DAY: Even a small amount of leftover dough can be made into a tasty dish. If I hadn't had enough for a pot pie I would have made cinnamon bites or maybe Apricot jam filled treats. Use it all and save money in a delicious way.


Gardens of Plenty said...

Oh, this looks sooooo yummy! I will definitely have to try. I’ve never made a pot pie before, but what a great way to use up veggies... I’m thinking I’d chop up some broccoli stalks and get 'em in there, too!

Vagablonde said...

Thank you Erin~it was good. John said it was the best Pot Pie ever. The beauty of the recipe is you can add anything and make it your own. Thanks for checking it out.

Jan @TWOwomenANDaHOE said...

Oh how I wish we were neighbors! Need I say more?

May all your gardens grow!