Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sharing Seasonality ..It's Just That Easy

     A delicious, filling and reasonably priced meal does not have to be an impossible dream. Spring and summer provide a multitude of fresh seasonal produce literally ripe for the picking. I love the versatility that just a few simple ingredients can provide. At our house, we have developed a love for the taste and texture of home made pasta. Tonight pasta becomes a perfect yet simple complement to our roasted vegetables. 

     Whenever I’m kneading dough or creating noodles I think of all the families who would so enjoy making pasta together. As a child I loved spending time in the kitchen baking and cooking with my great grandmother. She had a collection of pans and kitchen tools that were just my size and I felt so special helping her. I would love to see more families gathered in the kitchen creating meals and memories. More importantly it would be an excellent opportunity for parents to teach their children a respect food. They could learn where their comes from and how important proper nutrition is while enjoying time spent with Mom and Dad. …And yes….it is just that easy

 For the pasta

2 eggs
1.5 cups flour
a splash or two of olive oil
healthy pinch of salt
(2-4 teaspoons of water *)
mix by hand or in a food processor
*add just enough water for the dough ball to come together
wrap dough in plastic wrap & place in fridge for a least an hour
then either roll out and cut (on a lightly floured surface)
or use a pasta machine to create your noodles.

for the veggies

toss the
diced Zucchini
sliced onion  
slit Cherry tomatoes
in a bit of olive oil
salt and pepper & red pepper flake (to taste)
place on a sheet pan
in a 350 degree oven
till soft and slightly caramelized

boil the pasta to cook 2-3 min
(it will cook much faster than dry pasta)
add noodles to the veggie pan and toss
(add a bit of the pasta water too)

snip some basil from the garden
tear it into pieces and add a palmful to the pasta
drizzle with olive oil
add some fresh oregano
and ½ cup grated cheese
I like romano or Parmesan
(experiment with other hard Italian cheese too)

Total under $5.00 for this simple but satisfying meal


Jenn's Cooking Garden! said...

I love making homemade pasta! You can add almost anything with pasta! Looks delish!

Vagablonde said...

Thank you ..Love the versatility of spring veggies...and pasta too

Annapet said...

Debra, I have yet to make homemade pasta!

Is that Ronde De Nice zucchini squash? I started some seeds and looking forward to a fruitful summer =).

Weekend Cowgirl said...

Pasta's are our favorites. Winter and summer... this looks very good! Something new to try.

Weekend Cowgirl said...

New recipes please.....!!!!!